KIT, based in Toronto, Canada, is a popular online radio station that celebrates the classic hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. With a rich library of over 4500 songs from more than 1200 artists, offers a diverse range of music that resonates with a wide audience.

Listener Statistics and Genre Popularity: Classic hits have shown enduring popularity among radio listeners. According to Nielsen's Top 20 Radio Formats Report (2022), classic hits ranked as the 5th most popular format overall. This genre's appeal is evident from its history of being the "format of the summer" in various years, including 2018, when it saw the largest boost in audience during the summer months compared to the start of the year.

The classic hits genre, which includes a mix of rock and pop music predominantly from the 70s and 80s, appeals to a broad demographic. This is reflected in the Nielsen Music’s BDSradio airplay data, where 52% of the songs played on Classic Hits stations were from the 80s and 33% from the 70s. The format's strength lies in its ability to blend nostalgic rock with pop music, catering to listeners who enjoy music from these decades

Nielson Top 10 Radio Formats - 2022

Advertising Opportunities: Given the popularity of the classic hits format, advertising on offers a significant opportunity to reach a diverse and engaged audience. The station’s programming and specialized segments cater to a wide range of listeners, making it an ideal platform for targeted advertising campaigns. The listener statistics suggest a consistent and dedicated audience base, ensuring visibility and engagement for advertisers.

Contact for More Information Advertisers and partners interested in exploring opportunities with can contact the station directly via their website or provided contact information. With its wide reach and popularity in the classic hits genre, represents a valuable platform for brands and businesses to connect with a passionate and diverse audience.

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